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Your Future, Our Focus...Since 1994

Personal and Estate Needs

We offer Personal and Estate Needs for clients of all ages. Whether you’re 25, 45 or 65 we offer Investment, Retirement, Insurance, Estate, Education, Tax, Legacy Planning or Cash Management services to meet your specific needs and adjust your needs as life events evolve.

If you're 20-35, we can help:Establish good spending and savings habits including budgets and pre‐tax savings opportunities
If you're 35-50, we can help:Evaluate retirement readiness, Save for college, house, car, etc.
If you're 50-65, we can help:Develop a retirement plan than aligns your savings with expected income needs
If you're 65+, we can help:Turn your savings into income streams, Maximize Social Security benefits, Plan for a legacy

Potential Solutions

InvestmentSavings, Mutual Funds, Real Estate, CDs
RetirementIRA, Roth, 401k, 403b, Annuities
InsuranceLife, Medical, Disability, Long Term Care
Cash FlowBudgeting, Emergency Account
Education529, Coverdell
Legacy Planning Charitable giving, wealth distribution
TaxesMinimizing income tax, reducing estate taxes
Estate PlansWill, Trusts, Power of Attorney, Medical Directive 


Woodbury Financial does not render tax or legal advice.